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Dish Breaker : Kinect Game

During this last weekend at Bangalore I was getting bored, I saw my Kinect in front of me and decided to develop some easy and entertaining game.

Got an idea of dish breaker. Here is a small introductory video of my game. The first video is simple mode of game. I am also writing code for Arcade mode which has difficulties and something more interesting. 
As I finalize my code and add comments so you can understand it, I will upload it over here.
I use Windows Kinect SDK 1.0.

Finally done with simple draft of my new mode, still have some of the errors.
In this, you have to break stack of dishes in the windows. But if you hit Man three times game will be over.
Here is the small video of it. Below you can find Source Code of this game.
Now I am trying to add Speech control in it. Like when you say “Start” than and than it will start and you can also Pause the game in between.

Here I have attached code for this Arcade mode of Dish Breaker.If you have any doubt than let me know by comment, I will try to solve it.

** DishBreaker Source Code
Note : Just go to this link and select File-> Download, to download the hole project folder.

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